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Plaforization and Toran Products are Environmentally Friendly

Due to their extremely low vapor pressure, Plaforization and Toran products emit only very small amounts of VOCs. For example, a properly designed and operated installation treating 2 million square feet of metal per year would emit between 199 lb. and 1,467 lb. per year, depending on the product used. The products contain no halogenated compounds, ozone-depleting compounds, carcinogens, mutagens, or hazardous air pollutants, and they biodegrade to CO2 and water only.

The Plaforization and Toran processes use no water and are not rinsed, so nothing goes into the water stream.

The Plaforization and Toran processes create no sludge, so it creates nothing for landfill. The only thing you throw out is the filtered fines that came in on the parts.

Oil is not skimmed or dumped, but is used in the process.

The Plaforization and Toran Processes are Easy to Use

Treatment time is one minute in a single tank, with no rinse, followed by a 5-minute drip-off, blow-off, and drying, and then the part is ready to paint.

The bath is extremely stable, which means you get consistently excellent finished parts. Also, there are no daily bath checks to conduct. Bath analyses are performed for you every other month.

Multi-metals can be treated, even simultaneously.

The bath is unheated, so there is no waiting for bath warm-up before starting operations.

Capital and Operating Costs are Lower

Since Plaforization and Toran installations are single-stage with no rinse, they have a smaller footprint and are less expensive.

There are fewer and smaller fans and pumps.

You spend nothing on natural gas to heat tanks because it is a room-temperature process.

Bath checks need to be conducted only every other month.


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