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The Chemtec lines of products are designed with environmental safety in mind. The company’s fundamental focus is that products should be ecologically friendly, technologically feasible and financially reasonable. Beyond increased productivity and improved quality, minimizing environmental impact is the most important motivating force in the company's research and development work.

Chemtec is dedicated to creating products and processes which do less damage to the environment, create fewer residuals and consume fewer raw materials and energy during their entire life-span. The company makes constant efforts to minimize ground, water and air pollution, and similar care is taken to improve the working environment and enhance safety at work.


"No water is needed. No heat is needed. There's no waste. That's the key."

"Using Plaforization™ has enabled us to eliminate all of the disposal headache and expense."

Plaforization and Toran products put nothing into the water, nothing into landfill and virtually nothing into the air!

Plaforization and Toran products do not use water and are not rinsed, so there is no effluent, ever.

Plaforization and Toran baths are never dumped, only topped off as they are used.
Process oils are not skimmed and disposed of, but rather are used to contribute flexibility to the topcoat. The chemicals are not heated, so you are not creating NOx or SOx by burning fuel.

The Plaforization and Toran processes create no sludge, so nothing is sent to landfill except the fines that come in on the parts.

Due to their extremely low vapor pressure, Plaforization and Toran products emit only very small amounts of VOCs.
The products contain no halogenated compounds, ozone-depleting compounds, carcinogens, mutagens, or hazardous air pollutants. For a properly designed and operated system treating 2 million square feet of metal per year, VOC emissions are estimated to be:

Ecophor B/700 De minimis 199 lb.
Ecophor A/447 Very low 1,467 lb.

Emission levels do not rise significantly with much higher levels of production because the air in the flowcoat zone becomes saturated and the heavy vapors fall back into the tank.

Compare the environmental problems of the conventional processes:

Heated baths and rising natural gas costs

Multiple steps, including rinses, in the process

Water use and disposal headaches, including phosphates in the water stream

Sludge creation and disposal

Constant bath monitoring required by unstable bath chemistry

Environmental and permitting requirements

Emission of 10 to 20 times as much carbon dioxide from conventional burners as a comparable Plaforization and Toran systems

With none of the conventional process problems, Plaforization and Toran are the smart approach to metal pretreatment. Plaforization and Toran products are your clear choice.



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