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Powder Coated Tough Magazine - Winter 2010/2011
Single-Stage Pretreatment Evolves

One-step pretreatment has been available for decades. Recent improvements to the technology may yield the results you require for your coating needs.

Powder Coating Magazine - April 2010
Case History

Powder coating broadens company's markets in a tough economy

Powder Coating Magazine - September 2009
Surface Preparation: Emerging Technology

Innovations in one step organic passivation processes for metals

Metal Finishing Magazine - March 2009
Organic Finishing

Plaforization Process for Cleaning, Degreasing, and Phosphating

Powder Coated Tough Magazine - Fall/Winter 2007
No More Rework

A one-step non-aqueous pretreatment eliminates rework for Bridgeport Powder Works in Bridgeport, Michigan.

Finishing Today Magazine - 2007
One-Step Metal Pretreatment

A single-stage organic phosphating system is reducing the cost and environmental impact of pretreating metal substrates.

Powder Coating Magazine - February 2007
Plaforization™ Solves Cleaning and Flash Rust Problem

Artistry in metal-working meets Plaforization with creative and time-saving results.

Products Finishing Magazine - January 2007
Simplifying Pretreatment

Single-Step Process Saves Energy, Time, Disposal Costs.

Metal Finishing Magazine - June 2006
One-Step Organic Phosphating

How Costs, Features, and Benefits Stack Up against Conventional Pretreatment Wash Systems.

Powder Coating Magazine - April 2006
Bombmaker Hits the Target with a One-Step Cleaner

To make a better bomb, a manufacturer switches materials and installs a finishing line that uses the combination of a one-step nonaqueous cleaner with powder coating.

Metal Finishing Magazine - February 2006
A One-Step Process for Metal Pretreatment

Organic phosphating positioned as environmentally sound, user-friendly and inexpensive alternative to current systems.

Powder Coating Magazine - April 2005
Plaforization™ Solves Problems in Cleaning and Adhesion

Plaforization effectively cleans complex parts and provides excellent adhesion over highly-polished metal.

Powder Coating Magazine - October 2003
One-Step Cleaner Lets Coater Do More and Spend Less

With its two-step iron phosphate washer aging, a custom coater switches to a one-step cleaner that provides greater production efficiencies at a lower cost.

Metal Finishing Magazine - September 2003
One-Step Organic Phosphating Revisited - Cleaning and Pretreatment

Plaforization is ready for prime time in its new North American market.

Products Finishing Magazine - January 2001
Keeping Pretreatment Simple

When Johnston Metalwork decided to add pretreatment to its shop, it didn’t want anything complicated, meaning no wastewater treatment or lots of chemicals to deal with…


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