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"The Carpenter Chemicals organization has provided excellent service through installation, start-up, and ongoing production."

With strong backgrounds in both business and specialty chemicals and their applications, Mary and Scott Carpenter are equipped to make Carpenter Chemicals, Plaforization and Toran vital players in the pretreatment field.

Mary Todd Carpenter, President of Carpenter Chemicals, graduated from Stanford University in Political Science, and from the Georgetown University Law School. She speaks six languages. Before starting Carpenter Chemicals with Scott, they owned the consulting firm of Carpenter & Carpenter, LC, which provided services to small- and medium-sized businesses in the specialty chemical industry seeking to enter the US market through acquisition, merger, trading agreements or joint ventures. One of the company’s clients was PaiKor, and that consulting engagement eventually developed into the present relationship, first with PaiKor and now with Chemtec.

Prior to founding Carpenter Chemicals, Mary was a founding partner in the law firm of Carpenter & Precup and, before that, she was a partner in another Washington, DC firm. She began her career at the Federal Trade Commission and as counsel to the US House of Representatives’ Commerce Committee.

Scott Carpenter, Vice President of Carpenter Chemicals, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He was employed for many years by the Cabot Corporation. As a Vice President he built the market both nationally and internationally for the fume silica Cab-O-Sil, a specialty product used as a performance enhancing additive in many industries – paint, silicone rubber, pharmaceuticals and others. He became an expert with those industries and with technical service issues associated with specialty products.

After Scott took early retirement from Cabot, he and Mary founded Carpenter & Carpenter, LC and, subsequently, Carpenter Chemicals.


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